fresh ingredients for salsa
Fresh Ingredients


After my first experimentation with the smoked peppers I needed something to do with them.  A friend suggested that I try to make some salsa. What a thought! I never would have come up with that myself. So after a quick trip to the store I had my supplies & was ready for battle.

I have never attempted a salsa before, nor had I ever been given any advice on the subject. Even still I decided to give it a go without looking up any recipes or tips.

The Process

grilled corn on the cob
Grilled Corn
First, I cleaned an ear of corn and tossed it on the grill. Next came the tomatoes; a vine of five fruits got diced as small as possible and put on the stove to simmer. Add a bit of salt, pepper, & sugar. Enter the smoked jalapenos! And then some fresh ones. Some green onions to round out the flavor and of course cilantro. While I was prepping all of this the tomatoes simmered & the corn grilled. (Did I forget to mention garlic? Lots of garlic.)

As I finished prep on each ingredient it was added to the simmering concoction on the stove. Finally the corn was done and could be added as well.

Taste Test

"Oh my! This smells divine! Do I test now? No... sauces need time to meld but it looks so tempting! Do it!" .... "It's good but something is missing. I should let it sit till tomorrow."

After a good 15-16 hours it was time for the real test... Perfect!

It is insane to me that it came out so good on a first try & with no instruction but alas sometimes you just can't guess what will happen in the kitchen.  But one thing I did learn is to let it sit before judging.

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