New Change to Travel and Things-To-Do Focus of Our Blog

New Change to Travel and Things-To-Do Focus of Our Blog

titusville, sand point park, indian river

Over the last several years, we have been using this blog as a way to express and share with friends and family what we are up to. However, we've decided to take a more solid approach with our subject matter. From now on, we will shift to a focus on a specific location for several months at a time. We want to delve into all the aspects of life there, whether recreation, creativity, cultural, history, or nature.

So, take a tour with us over the next few months as we lay out the ins and outs of Titusville, Florida. We'll be bringing you insider experiences, local must-sees and dos, as well as history and how-tos.

titusville, sand point park, indian river

Why start in Titusville?

The simple answer is: We live here. It has been six years since we moved to Titusville and we appreciate what all the Space Coast has to offer. Not to mention, it has a rich history.
Founded in 1867 as Sand Point and later renamed in 1873, Titusville is the "gateway to nature and space" . Nestled in between two bodies of water, the St. John's and Indian River provide numerous water activities from kayaking to fishing to kitesurfing. Take a trip over the Indian River and you find yourself entering the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, home to more than 1,500 species of plants and wildlife .

titusville, astronaut, walk of fame, space view, park

It was 1963 when U.S. government purchased an expansive acreage on Merritt Island for the Kennedy Space Center launch pads. In 2013, however, the government cut funding and missions to space were brought to a halt.

Now, companies like SpaceX and ULA make it possible to view rocket launches once again. 

titusville, sand point park, indian river

Nature Lover?

In January, enthusiasts from all over come to visit Titusville for the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival . Even if you don't make it for that event, just a drive over A. Max Brewer bridge will take to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and Canaveral Seashore beaches. Continue along and you'll find plenty of stops to see dolphins or manatees. There are also gems like the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary where trails vary from oak scrub, mesic and hydric hammock, wet prairie, and pine flatwood , or the annual festivals and boat ramp at Fox Lake Park where you might see an alligator 

titusville, fox lake, park, boat ramp

Along the Indian River you'll see sailboats anchored near the Titusville Marina. Both the Marina Park boat ramp and the one opposite the water at Parrish Park are full of people looking for a fun way to spend the day outside. Kayaks, jet skis, and kitesurfers are often seen out enjoying the Florida lifestyle.

titusville, sand point, park, indian river

titusville, memorial park, astronaut, space view, launch view


Although some docks, like the one off Veterans Memorial Park, are still being repaired, there are a number of places you'll see locals with a fishing rod. Two piers at Titusville Veterans Memorial Fishing Pier, just off Sand Point Park, together cover 5 acres ; perfect for fishing or a nice stroll out overlooking the water in hope of seeing a manatee or dolphin. 

titusville, indian river, a max brewer, bridge


Of course, since this is the 'Space Coast', it would be worth a visit to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Complex. They offer educational exhibits that span the decades of space exploration.

titusville, kennedy space center, astronaut

Travelers to Titusville can continue their space innovation inquiry by visiting the American Space Museum & Space Walk of Fame. 
titusville, sand point, park, indian river, bridge

Living Here

The real estate market in Titusville appears, to me, to be on the rise. Our house is currently worth almost twice as much as we paid for it six years ago. Rumors are that that is because of the growing economy in our city, but we'll dive more into that in a later post. Hopefully, more businesses will be arriving in the near future thanks to the booming engineering companies expanding to be near Kennedy Space Center and SpaceX.

Over the next few months, we will explore those topics and more, including spotlights on local businesses, the popular brewery, niche bakeries, art scene, boutique stays, and recurring events to look forward to (once everything gets going back to normal after COVID-19).

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