Three Bikes - One Day

Three Bikes - One Day

sv 1000

Life keeps me busy. This past weekend proved to be a bit of a relief; it felt like things were kind of getting back to normal. 
Sunday turned into a mix of a cookout/bike repair party. Three bikes took over more than half our two car garage -a bit of a tight fit when you include the four people and piles of parts all over the place. 

06 mv agusta
2006 MV Agusta Brutale

2006 MV Agusta Brutale

First, we had a 2006 MV Agusta (as I've written about before). The original plan was to replace the rear bearings in the swing-arm, but we were missing one specialty tool to finish the job and the current bearing seemed fine, so I just aided in some routine maintenance. The spark plugs were pretty old and the air filter had a hole blown through it but otherwise the bike looked pretty good. 
03 gsx-r600
2003 GSXR600

2003 Suzuki GSXR 600

Next, we had a 2003 GSXR 600 with a few issues. First and foremost, the front brakes needed some help... The master needed a rebuild, as it would not hold pressure, but luckily, we had a spare from a newer GSXR 1000 to throw on. Whether just bad luck or not, for some reason it was hard to get a good bleed on, too. I believe that problem to be the crush washers although it could need a caliper rebuild -next time. 

Then we had some electrical issues to run down. We checked a repair of the ignition plug, which seemed to be holding well, then moved on to a mess in the tail. There had to be at least 5ft of wire running the tail lights, including some bare wires and wire nuts. We did not redo everything, but we did get rid of the bare wires and hooked up the tail and brake lights properly. 

1988 Honda Shadow 600

Finally, we had a 1988 shadow 600. We changed the spark plugs and tried to make a custom clutch cable. The current cable was a bit too short but the replacement was too long, so we cut it. Then we had to pull the ferrule from the end and put it on the shorter cable -that's where things started going wrong. The wire did not come out of the ferrule cleanly, as we did not have enough heat. Despite the problems, we still tried to use it but it broke within minutes of install because we did not have enough surface area for the solder to adhere. 

Oh well, on another day we will try again with some more knowledge and tools.

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