First Salsa with our Ninja!

First Salsa with our Ninja!

salsa made in our ninja professional
Salsa made in our Ninja Professional
If you follow us on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, then you'll have seen me post about our new Ninja Professional blender we got for Christmas. I can't stress enough how much we love that thing!

So, anyway, I decided to try out the food processing attachment and make salsa -previously, we had only been using the taller blender for smoothies in the morning.


From our pantry I pulled a can of diced tomatoes, did not drain, and dumped it in.
Next, I added:
-a handful of spring mix
-a chopped green onion stalk
-two whole jalapeƱos
-one chopped carrot
-four asparagus tips
-one clove of fresh chopped garlic
-a few good shakes of black pepper
-and finally, a sprinkle of salt.


After securing the lid and locking it in place I pressed “crush” and let it spin for about 30 seconds until everything looked nice and smooth. It came out more like a pureed sauce instead of salsa, but after letting it sit in the fridge overnight, it makes a great topping for almost any dish! We have had it on hot dogs, chicken, and pork so far with no complaints.

FYI: It may be a bit spicy for some people with two jalapeƱos. For milder I would recommend one or substituting a different pepper for desired flavor!

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