Grilling a 9lb Pork Shoulder

Grilling a 9lb Pork Shoulder

Nine Pound Pork Shoulder
Nine Pound Pork Shoulder

1. I began by covering the meat, both sides, with McCormick Grill Mates Roasted Garlic and Herb, crushed red pepper, and black pepper before wrapping it in a foil pocket.

Pork shoulder seasoned and ready to be wrapped in foil.
Seasoned and ready to wrap in foil.
2. Next, I preheated the grill to about 200 degrees, then placed the foil covered meat on the front burner - low.

3. An hour later I flipped the meat. Grill temp 225 degrees.

4. After another hour I flipped it again. Grill temp 250 degrees.

5. To sear to a light char, at the next hour I removed the foil, keeping the heat to a high-medium.
Unwrapped pork shoulder grilling.
Unwrapped and grilling.

6. 20 minutes passed and the inner temp was 120 degrees. I re-wrapped the meat and placed it back on the front burner - low at 250 degrees.

7. After 30 minutes I flipped it again.

8. 15 minutes I flipped and checked the inner temp - 155 degrees.

9. 45 minutes later I pulled it off with an inner temp of 175 degrees and let it rest on the counter for about 10 minutes before cutting into it.
Pork shoulder resting on the cutting board.
Resting on the cutting board.

To me, it seemed a little dry, but I'm my worst critic; everyone else thought it was juicy. I am happy with how the seasonings turned out.
Pork cuts like butter.
Cuts like butter.

smoke ring
Smoke Ring

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