30 Days of Photo-Spheres

30 Days of Photo-Spheres

U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum
U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum
As a personal side goal, I gave myself an assignment to take and post 30 days of photo-spheres. Just for fun, I thought it would be nice to share what I've learned so far. 

1. Standing

Wobbling, spinning too fast, losing balance, and ending up no where near where I started -these are things I struggled with when shooting while standing without a monopod or tripod. As a result, I often had to discard the image and start over. If you catch yourself somewhere that you think is perfect for a 360 shot, I would recommend finding some sort of place marker, or you may end up with a major misalignment like the orange sign on the floor of the Space Walk of Fame Museum above.

2. Wind

It took me four tries to get the Titusville Fishing Pier because of the wind gusts shaking the camera. This one was also taken while standing... I've done several other locations since this and wouldn't mind going back on a less windy day with my monopod or even a tripod.

3. Sitting

Don't try while sitting... is the best advice I can give. While I was waiting on some gator tail I thought to myself, "I should take a 360 photo; I won't be able to move around and mess up alignment!" Yes, it happens; in fact, I would say the above has the most misaligned pieces than any other photo-sphere that I've attempted.  Also, I did not do this one as a full sphere -since I was sitting my legs would be the only thing you saw at the bottom!

--If anyone has tried while sitting and has some other advice, please share!

4. Monopod

GET ONE! Or a tripod! The stabilization makes them come out so much better! I admit that I am still getting the hang of it, but there is a definite improvement with my shots.

The only thing I regret so far is that my camera is only 13 megapixels, and after just checking Google's requirements to be featured I need at least 14 megapixels. So, I've been debating on whether or not to re-do some of these with another camera.

Please feel free to share any of your advice! I want to learn!